The Learning Center

About The Learning Center

The Learning Center provides a truly individualized, comprehensive, educational program for students grades 6 and up who have more significant needs. Located on the 博彩平台网址大全 campus, The Learning Center is a 3,900+ square foot, state-of-the-art, learning facility complete with simulated home and work environments and academic classrooms. It is designed for 30+ students. Students receive integrated therapy, modified Upper School curricula, and post-secondary training.

Celebrating the Individual

Often, those with disabilities 是否被安排在学生混杂的班级,以至于很难识别并因此满足个别学生的需求. We provide a tailor-made approach to educating your student, offering a more effective model than the self-contained classroom. Here’s how it’s done:

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  • Low Student-to-Staff Ratio

    Our ratio, approximately 3 to 1, is in place to ensure that each student is engaged as an individual. This enables our staff to identify and implement meaningful, inclusive opportunities, to customize schedules, and to provide the best learning strategies for each student.
  • Individual Assessment

    不断地将每个学生作为个体进行评估是创造最佳学习体验的关键——无论是在课堂内还是课堂外. 我们的员工能够并渴望定制社区参与,并实施针对每个学生兴趣的工作培训机会, as well as abilities. 这种个人的关注给了学生们信心和工具,他们需要在他们和我们在一起的时候,更重要的是,一旦他们毕业,他们就会参与到他们的社区中来.

    The Learning Center seeks to provide the maximum impact in academic, therapeutic, post-secondary, and independent living domains of growth. This looks different for every student, and we are committed to helping every student grow.
  • Academics

    Using the best curricula for educating students with a range of learning abilities, 我们希望许多学生继续遵循初中和高中的标准教学顺序,并在必要时进行修改. Students also focus on the more functional aspects of learning such as using money, calculating the time needed to complete tasks, designing a budget, and reading for work and daily life.

    Some students take standard middle and high school courses, while other students follow an alternate curriculum across academic disciplines. 与多学科团队一起规划,从学生和家庭的重要投入,使我们能够创建量身定制的学术课程,具体到每个学生的需求.
  • Therapy

    Therapy services that assist with the integration of school, life, and vocation skills are a vital part of the student’s day. Occupational, speech-language, 物理治疗策略作为直接服务提供,并整合到日常学习活动中.

    学生可以根据有针对性发展的需要,在适当的环境中获得适当的治疗. 根据每个学生的需求,有灵活性和资源来整合治疗服务,可以将重点放在个人成长上. 这种方法优于每周提供有限次数的“一刀切”方法.
  • Post-Secondary Opportunities

    What happens after graduation is a daunting subject for all high school students. 我们的工作人员与学生一起确定高兴趣领域和高水平的技能潜力,以便开始规划大专后的工作, training, or school placements. 我们的通识教育学生被邀请与学习中心的学生一起参加中学后规划课程.

    我们在社区内的一些独特的商业伙伴关系使我们能够为学生提供职业机会,以便培养他们从事专注于每个人的优势和兴趣的工作. We offer the Alternate Academic Diploma 根据田纳西州的标准,那些能够满足标准并计划继续接受高等教育(如学院或大学)的学生.
  • Independent Living Skills

    Creating a budget, planning a grocery list, caring for a living space, setting an alarm, and accessing transportation are some of the skills we teach to support independent living. 这些技能在课堂上明确教授,并在社区中进行定期练习. For instance, some students take sections of the Personal Finance course, then visit banks to practice the skills taught in class in real-life settings. Practicing all that is involved with having a bank account, grocery shopping, meal planning, budgeting, and components of housekeeping such as safety, laundry, food storage, etc. are explicitly taught, then generalized across real-world environments.
  • Safe and Sound

    Safety and good care are fundamental priorities for our students. Parents often worry about what is happening at school and want to ensure safety as a top priority. For students with limited verbal ability, families should have frequent communication from teachers and other school staff.
  • Come By and Come Often

    Parents and families are always welcome to come visit The Learning Center. 我们知道,这是一种为学生提供交流和信息的方式,他们可能很难自己提供这些信息. 在特殊教育的学校环境中,每个了解学生的人的交流和投入是必要的方法. 我们也欢迎外部的治疗提供者来学习中心拜访他们的客户,分享他们对学生的了解,以帮助我们的工作人员. Our goal is to provide the best possible support and care for the growth of the students.

Care Beyond the Classroom

We know that many families
need care beyond the typical school day. The Learning Center provides after-school and summer care for all students. During the summer, 我们向社区内需要良好护理的人开放,即使学年结束了.

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  • Extended Care

    Often, after-school care is not available for students with more significant needs. We provide care for your student well after the school day has ended. 这个时间的目的是让忙碌和/或工作的父母在接学生时更灵活.

    Extended Care 费用包括照顾和零食,学生可以参加有监督的校内活动. By providing these extended hours, 我们希望有工作的父母或有多个孩子参加活动的家庭会发现上学日更容易管理,并与繁忙的家庭时间表相适应.
  • Summer Care

    While there are many wonderful camps in Chattanooga, full-time summer care is not available for older students with more significant needs. The Learning Center Summer Care program begins the Tuesday after Memorial Day and ends with the first day of school at 博彩平台网址大全. We offer summer care throughout the summer and operate Monday through Friday except Memorial Day and July 4 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Pre-Vocational Partnerships

    我们有一群独特的社区合作伙伴,可以为实现中学后职业目标而努力. 我们知道,并不是每个学生都适合为残疾成年人提供的就业类别.

    我们的目标是与学生一起确定高兴趣和技能潜力的领域,并找到适合的就业,这可以是有意义的,并促进每个学生的独特性和尊严. Whether it is a small business venture, service industry work, or an IT job, we have campus facilities and community connections to help students meet their career goals.
  • Next Steps

    学生可透过职业康复服务,参与就业前过渡服务,探索职业,学习21世纪的工作技能及自我宣传, goal setting, and other important, life skills.

    Leveraging specific partnerships with businesses and state services available, students graduate with skills to enter the next phase of working, learning, and participating in community. 

Application Process

学习中心的录取和经济援助流程从每个潜在申请人通过以下清单开始. Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are accepted beginning Sept. 1. The application process and financial aid application must be completed by Jan. 31. We will continue to receive applications as long as there is space available.

To begin your online application or to schedule a tour, please create an account in My博彩平台网址大全. Within 24 hours a checklist will be assigned for registration.

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The 博彩平台网址大全 Community

Students at The Learning Center are full members of the 博彩平台网址大全 community. With a vibrant community full of arts, athletics, STEM events, chapel, and a vast array of Student Life activities, there is always something to enjoy. 有机会体验学术之外的生活是学习中心体验的重要组成部分.

Meet Our Team

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  • Shonda Caines

    Director of Ex Ed
    Lower School Head
  • Haley Faith Morin

    Admissions Associate
  • Kristina Richard

    Coordinator and Lead Teacher